How to Flatten PDF Form using C++

In this tutorial, we will learn how to flatten PDF Form using C++. You can remove the fields and place their values when you flatten Form fields in PDF using C++. This does not need installation of Adobe Acrobat or any application to use this feature on Linux or Windows operating systems.

Steps to Flatten PDF Form using C++

  1. Configure the Aspose.Pdf for C++ library using NuGet package manager plugin
  2. Add the reference to Aspose::Pdf namespace
  3. Load the input PDF form using the Document class
  4. Flatten the PDF form with Flatten method
  5. Save flatten output PDF file

You can flatten fillable Form in C++ with a few simple API calls. The above steps can be followed to restrict changes in the form by removing the fields and placing their values on the form. Simply load the input PDF file containing the form, then flatten all the fields and save the output file for further processing.

Code to Flatten Form Fields in PDF using C++

This code snippet quickly performs few simple steps to flatten form fields in PDF using C++. Firstly, the Document class is used to load the input PDF file containing the form, then the Flatten method is used to make the form field values non-editable. Finally, the output PDF file is saved after flattening the form.

In the previous topic, we learned how to read PDF file in C++. This topic covers how using C++, flatten PDF Form fields in few simple steps.