How to Convert XPS to JPG in C#

This article answers the question about how to convert XPS to JPG in C#. It contains the environment configuration information, step-by-step procedure as well as a code snippet to change XPS to JPG in C#. You only need to load the input XPS file and convert it to the JPG format with only a few API method calls.

Steps to Convert XPS to JPG using C#

  1. Install the Aspose.Page library to convert XPS to JPG
  2. Load the source XPS document with the Stream class instance
  3. Set image properties using the JpegSaveOptions class object
  4. Initialize an image rendering device to create the output file
  5. Write the output JPG image

These steps sum up the whole process to write XPS to JPG converter in C#. It explains the library configuration in your system environment, modifying several image properties, and finally the details about the code snippet to demonstrate the feature at your end. Moreover, there are different overloads of the constructors, and methods like XpsDocument class, Save method, etc. are available to improvise the application logic based on your requirements.

Code to Convert XPS to JPG in C#

This code snippet can efficiently create XPS to JPG image converter in C#. However, you can adjust image quality, text rendering hints, and other values depending on your needs. Moreover, you can choose to write the output JPG image to a memory stream, file stream, or in byte format as per your preferences.

This tutorial has shared the details about the procedure to convert XPS to JPG in C#. If you want to explore XPS to PDF conversion, refer to the article on how to convert XPS to PDF in C#.