How to Convert EPS to PDF in C#

This tutorial is outlined to help you understand how to convert EPS to PDF in C#. It covers the step-wise details like configuring the library in your system, as well as a sample code for a quick demonstration to change EPS to PDF in C#. The API is capable of reading and writing the file formats as you just need to make some API calls to load the source EPS files and save it in PDF format.

Steps to Convert EPS to PDF using C#

  1. Install Aspose.Page library to convert the EPS files
  2. Create a FileStream class object to access the input EPS file
  3. Load the EPS file with the PsDocument class object
  4. Create an object of PdfSaveOptions class and a rendering device to generate the PDF document
  5. Convert the EPS file to a PDF format document

Here the steps are discussed to export EPS file to PDF in C#. You can follow this sequence to process the EPS files like accessing the source file with a FileStream class object and loading it using the PsDocument class constructor. Finally, you can set some properties for the output PDF file Jpeg quality, additional fonts, etc. before writing the output document to the disk or stream.

Code to Convert EPS to PDF in C#

The FileStream class is used to access the input EPS file which is loaded using the PsDocument class. Subsequently, you can specify different preferences for the PDF file like some additional fonts, or the quality of images in the PDF file. Finally, export the output file from EPS to PDF in C# with any overload of the Save method.

This tutorial has provided the details to load the EPS file, convert to PDF in C# and the environment configuration details. However, if you are keen to learn XPS to PDF conversion, please refer to the article on how to convert XPS to PDF in C#.