How to Convert XPS to JPG in Java

This tutorial is designed to discuss how to convert XPS to JPG in Java. It includes all the steps like system configuration, stepwise algorithm, and a runnable code snippet to incorporate the feature to change XPS to JPG in Java. You are just required to load the source XPS document and export it as a JPG image while the API performs the conversion using a few API calls.

Steps to Convert XPS to JPG using Java

  1. Install the Aspose.Page API for converting XPS to JPG image
  2. Load the input XPS file with the XpsDocument class object for converting to JPEG
  3. Set different image properties exposed by the JpegSaveOptions class
  4. Create an instance of ImageDevice class to export the output image
  5. Iterate through the document partitions and save the rendered JPG image

These steps outline the complete procedure to create XPS to JPG converter in Java. It covers the system configuration, setting up different image characteristics, as well as the sample code to export the image file. Furthermore, the XpsDocument class and the save method has different overload method and constructors which enable you to adjust the application workflow in your applications.

Code to Convert XPS to JPG in Java

This code snippet is sufficient to create XPS to JPG image converter in Java. Whereas, different image preferences like the interpolation mode, smoothing mode, custom fonts, etc. can be set based on your requirements. Furthermore, you can iterate through different sections of the fixed document format, the XPS file in this case, and export it as an individual image.

This tutorial has provided information related to the process to convert XPS to JPG in Java. In case you intend to learn XPS to PDF conversion, please head to the article on how to convert XPS to PDF in Java.