How to Create OMR Answer Sheet Checker using Java

This short tutorial covers the details on how to create OMR answer sheet checker using Java. You can make OMR answer sheet checker in Java by implementing few simple API calls. You do not need to install any other tool or application to achieve these requirements because the method calls are self-sufficient to produce the desired output.

Steps to Create OMR Answer Sheet Checker using Java

  1. Configure your application by adding the Aspose.OMR JAR file from the Maven Repository
  2. Initialize an object of OmrEngine class
  3. Load the input template file with the TemplateProcessor class
  4. Save the output CSV string in a TXT file format

In order to make OMR sheet checker using Java, first of all, we load the template file using TemplateProcessor class. Then we proceed to recognize the image and get the output in CSV format. Finally the output string is saved as a text file.

Code to Make OMR Answer Sheet Checker in Java

In the above code sample, the OmrEngine class object is initiated and then the template file is loaded using the TemplateProcessor class. Then the score is calculated optically for deciding if the answer sheet is marked with correct or incorrect choice based on template. This lessens the task of marking thousands of papers manually but with higher efficiency.

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