How to Convert .ONE File to PDF in C#

This how-to topic elaborates how to convert .ONE file to PDF in C#. OneNote to PDF conversion in C# is easy using Aspose.Note and doesn’t require you to have Microsoft OneNote installed. The OneNote files converted to PDF are easy to read, review, and share later on in a format which is easy to use on any platform or device.

Steps to Convert .ONE File to PDF in C#

  1. Install Aspose.Note for .NET package from
  2. Use Aspose.Note, Aspose.Note.Saving, and Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf namespaces
  3. Set license with SetLicense method of Aspose.Note
  4. Load input Microsoft OneNote (.ONE) file using Document class
  5. Use SaveFormat.Pdf format option to save .ONE file as PDF
  6. Save the converted PDF file using Save method of Document object

The above steps clarify how easy and quick it is to convert a OneNote file format to a PDF format using Aspose.Tasks for .NET API.

Code to Convert .ONE File to PDF in C#

This C# code sample shows how you can convert .ONE file to PDF in a few lines of code. You’re not required to install Microsoft OneNote on the computer or server where you want to run this code.