Flip Image in Java

This guide covers how to flip image in Java. It discusses the environment configuration, the stepwise process, and a code snippet to mirror image in Java. Furthermore, this information can be applied to flip any format of the images like PNG, BMP, JPG, etc.

Steps to Flip Image in Java

  1. Configure the system to use Aspose.Imaging for Java for flipping images
  2. Get the source image file with an object of the Image class
  3. Flip the source image with the RotateFlipType enumeration
  4. Render the output flipped photo with the save method

The steps above elaborate on the algorithm to develop a photo flipper in Java. Firstly, get the input image file by specifying the file path and the file name. Subsequently, flip the image to any of the supported orientations and then proceed to export the output image.

Code to Flip Image in Java

This sample code is the basic version to flip image horizontally in Java. However, you can enhance it further to modify or improvise the flipping process. For example, the Image class supports loading different image formats from the disk or the stream. Likewise, the RotateFlipType enumeration lets you change the flipping type for the image as per your requirements.

In this article, we have learned the information to flip picture in Java. Besides, if you want to merge multiple images into one then refer to the article on how to merge photos in Java.