How to Convert EPUB to PDF in C#

This quick tutorial explains how to convert EPUB to PDF in C#. It provides all the details to establish the environment, a step-by-step procedure, and a runnable sample code to write a complete EPUB to PDF converter in C#. Moreover, it also covers several properties to create variations of PDF files based on your requirements.

Steps to Convert EPUB File to PDF in C#

  1. Configure the environment by installing Aspose.HTML for .NET to process EPUB files
  2. Create an instance of PdfSaveOptions class and set the required properties
  3. Render EPUB to PDF format with ConvertEPUB method

These steps precisely elaborate the process to convert a file from EPUB to PDF in C#. First, you need to set preferences for the expected PDF document. Subsequently, load the source EPUB file and render it in PDF format using the specified properties.

Code Snippet to Convert EPUB File to PDF in C#

This code sample can export EPUB file to PDF in C# without depending on any external application. However, you can improvise by loading or saving the files from a stream, array, or disk. Likewise, you can control the properties of the output PDF document like page setup, encryption, resolution, etc.

This tutorial has covered how to render EPUB to PDF in C#. Besides, if you want to merge HTML files to a PDF file, refer to the article on how to merge HTML files to PDF in C#.