How to Convert SHP to Geojson in C#

This crisp tutorial contains information on how to convert SHP to Geojson in C#. It provides details for configuring the development environment, options to customize the conversion process, checking the support for different spatial reference systems, and finally Convert method detail for converting Shapefile to Geojson in C#. It will also guide you to change the format with a single line of code as well.

Steps to Convert Shape File to GPX in C#

  1. Install Aspose.GIS for .NET from the Nuget package manager to convert SHP to Geojson
  2. Declare an object of ConversionOptions class
  3. Check is the selected driver supports the desired spatial reference system
  4. If supported, set the destination spatial reference system as per the requirement
  5. Convert the shape file to Geojson format using the Convert method in VectorLayer class

These steps explain the process to transform Shapefile to GeoJson in C# with the help of configuration settings and detailed steps. First, we have to declare a ConfigurationOptions class object and then set the destination layer spatial reference system after checking the support for the same spatial reference system by the selected driver. In the end, use the VectorLayer.Convert() method to change the file format.

Code for SHP to GPX Converter in C#

This code sample demonstrates the complete process to convert Shapefile to Geojson in C# starting from the customization of the conversion to the generation of a new file in the desired format. Note that you do not need customization always and just perform the complete conversion with a single line of code by calling the above Convert() method without the last argument named conversionOptions. This convert method has a large number of overloads and supports many drivers thus providing the option to convert different file formats to other formats.

This tutorial has taught us to convert SHP files to GeoJson however if you want to learn the process to convert GPX to KMZ, refer to the article on how to convert GPX to KMZ in C#.