How to Get Font Metrics using C++

In this topic, we will explore how to get Font Metrics using C++. The font metrics include information about the glyphs in a font file. You can easily extract Font Metrics using C++ with few API calls as otherwise getting the information about font metrics in not that simple.

Steps to Get Font Metrics using C++

  1. Install the Aspose.Font for C++ library using the NuGet package Manager tool
  2. Include the reference to Aspose::Font namespace
  3. Create FontDefinition class object
  4. Initialize an object of Type1Font class
  5. Get different properties of Font Metrics

You can extract Font Metrics using C++ in few simple API calls. All you need is to access the FontDefinition class instance and read font metrics with C++.

Code to Read Font Metrics using C++

Previously, we learned how to get Font Metric in C#. However, in this topic we have implemented on how to extract Font Metrics using C++.