How to Convert OST to PST File in Java

This short tutorial guides on how to convert OST to PST File in Java along with the detailed steps to use the example code. You will learn to save OST to PST using Java with the help of a few lines of code that can be used in any Java-supported environment including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Steps to Convert OST to PST File in Java

  1. Install the Aspose.Email JAR file from the Maven repository to convert OST to PST
  2. Import required Aspose.Email class references in your source program file
  3. Create an object of PersonalStorage class to load an OST file using the PersonalStorage.fromFile method
  4. Convert OST to PST using the saveAs method

The above steps describe the process to export OST to PST in Java whereby the process commences with importing the required class files reference in your program file and then loading the OST file from the disk using PersonalStorage.fromFile() method. Finally by using the saveAs method the loaded OST file is saved as a PST file on the disk.

Code to Create PST From OST Using Java

This example demonstrates that you can develop an OST to PST converter using Java based API with the help of simple API calls. The process is very easy and simple whereby the OST file is loaded from the disk using the PersonalStorage.fromFile method. Finally, using the saveAs method exposed by PersonalStorage class, the loaded OST is exported to a PST file and saved on the disk.

In this article, we have learnt how to create PST file from OST using Java based application. If you want to learn about creating a PST file from scratch in Java, refer to the article on how to create an Outlook PST File in Java.