How to Convert Excel to PPTX in C#

This simple tutorial covers the procedure of how to convert Excel to PPTX in C#. It also explains the basic details for setting up the environment as well as to convert XLSX to PPTX C# running sample code is shared. All of this information will enable you to render the XLSX file to the PPTX format.

Steps to Convert Excel to PPTX using C#

  1. Add the reference to Aspose.Cells library with Nuget package manager to convert Excel to PPTX
  2. Load the input Excel sheet using the Workbook object for conversion to the PPTX presentation
  3. Save the output presentation as a PPTX file

We can follow these basic steps to convert any Excel file into a presentation. It explains how using C# Excel to PPTX file can be exported. This conversion can be useful when you need to present some information from a worksheet or create a chart using some data. You only need to make a few API calls to load the input Excel file and export it to a PPTX file.

Code to Convert XLSX to PPTX in C#

To convert XLSX to PPTX C# code snippet here shows how simple it is to perform the conversion in your .NET applications. It is the basic use case for the conversion, whereas, you can adjust the code to convert only specific worksheets. Similarly, you can set up multi-threading or interrupt monitor to ensure optimal use of resources.

This tutorial has covered several aspects to perform Excel to PPTX conversion in C#. However, if you are interested to learn Excel to Image conversion, please refer to the article on how to convert Excel to Image using C#.