Convert Visio to SVG in Python

This quick guide covers how to convert Visio to SVG in Python. It discusses the algorithm and a working sample code to convert VSD to SVG in Python. Furthermore, you will also find information to improvise VSD to SVG conversion.

Steps to Convert Visio to SVG in Python

  1. Install the Aspose.Diagram library to convert the Visio diagram to SVG
  2. Load the source Visio file using the Diagram class
  3. Create an object of the ImageSaveOptions class and set the SVG image format
  4. Render the generated SVG image

The steps above simplify how to embed the feature of Visio export to SVG in Python into your projects. Load the input Visio diagram and set different preferences to adjust the output SVG image. Ultimately, save the SVG file to the disk or stream based on your specific needs.

Code to Transform Visio to SVG in Python

This sample code is the basic demonstration to export VSD to SVG in Python. Use the Diagram class to load the input Visio diagram by specifying the path and file name. Next, initialize the constructor of the ImageSaveOptions class while setting the SaveFileFormat.SVG value. Finally, render the scalable vector image with the save method to conclude the conversion.

This tutorial has explained Visio to SVG file conversion. Besides, If you want to render Visio to JPG conversion, head to the article on How to convert Visio to JPG in Python.