How to Convert Visio to JPG in C#

This article includes information about how to convert Visio to JPG in C#. It explains the steps as well as runnable code snippet to export VSDX or VSD to JPG in C#. You can work with this feature to preview file contents or create a thumbnail for the input file depending on your requirements.

Steps to Convert Visio to JPG in C#

  1. Configure the Aspose.Diagram library to render the Visio diagrams
  2. Load the input Visio diagram using the Diagram class
  3. Specify desired properties of ImageSaveOptions class
  4. Export the VSD or VSDX file to a JPG image using the Save() method

These steps help you understand the whole process to convert Visio to JPG in C#. Firstly, load the input Visio file using the Diagram class which exposes different constructor overloads to enable you to work with memory streams, file streams, byte arrays, etc. Subsequently, specify different image properties and write the output JPG image file.

Code to Convert Visio to JPG in C#

This code snippet can be used to convert VSDX to JPG in C# applications. You can work with the Diagram class to load the input diagram while choosing any of the available constructors. Secondly, you can set properties for the output image like image quality, image scaling, resolution, etc. before rendering the output JPG file using the Save method.

This tutorial has summed up all the important details to convert VSD to JPG in C#. Likewise, you can export VSDX to JPG in C# by following this article. However, if you want to render a Visio file to an SVG image, refer to the article on how to convert Visio to SVG in C#.