How to Read Password Protected Excel File in Python

In this quick tutorial, you will learn to read password protected Excel file in Python with the help of a step-by-step procedure and a runnable sample code. It will explain how to open password protected Excel file in Python like XLSX, XLS, ODS, etc. by providing the password and it will also guide to remove the password permanently. Exception handling is demonstrated in case of a wrong or missing password scenario.

Steps to Read Password Protected Excel File in Python

  1. Establish the environment to use Aspose.Cells for Python via Java
  2. Instantiate the LoadOptions class object required for loading the protected Excel file
  3. Set the password to open the encrypted Excel file
  4. Load the Excel file into the Workbook object using the LoadOptions class object having the password
  5. Display a test message to confirm the file loading

These steps describe how using python open password protected excel file by sharing the link to the environment configurations which guides to establish the Python environment for running the code. In the next steps, we configure the LoadOptions class object by setting the password for opening the encrypted Excel file and then use it while loading the workbook. In the final step, when a workbook is successfully loaded, a test message is displayed in the sample code for confirmation.

Code to Read Password Protected Excel File in Python

This code demonstrates how using Python read password protected Excel file with the LoadOptions class object. Once the file is opened by applying the password, you can set the Workbook.getSettings().setPassword(null) to remove the password and save it on disk. Moreover, different types of exceptions are raised and handled also using “try: and Except:” tags while loading an encrypted file without a password or with the wrong password.

In this tutorial, we have learned the process to read password protected Excel file in Python. If you want to learn the process to convert the Excel file to other formats like PDF, refer to the article on how to convert Excel to PDF using Python.