How to Convert JSON to CSV in Python

This tutorial is presented to guide on how to convert JSON to CSV in Python. It contains a reference to the resource for configuring the Python environment, detailed steps to be followed to perform this task, and a runnable sample Python code. To write JSON to CSV Python code is quite simple and does not require any other third-party tool.

Steps to Convert JSON to CSV in Python

  1. Setup the environment for using Aspose.Cells for Python via Java
  2. Create or load the source JSON data into the string variable
  3. Create an empty Workbook class object where the JSON data will be saved as CSV
  4. Get a reference to the first worksheet in the newly created workbook
  5. Instantiate JsonLayoutOptions class object to customize the conversion process
  6. Using the JsonUtility.importData function, transform the JSON data to CSV
  7. Save the resultant workbook as a CSV file on the disk

These steps describe the process by sharing the resources for setting the Python environment and then sharing the step-wise procedure to perform this task. We have to set the JSON string directly or load it from some file, create an empty workbook or load an existing workbook, get the reference to the target worksheet where JSON data is to be imported, import the JSON string to CSV using the JsonUtility.importData() function, and finally save the workbook as CSV using the function. To convert JSON to CSV Python related classes are also identified in these steps that are to be used for the said conversion.

Code to Convert JSON to CSV using Python

We have used JsonLayoutOptions.setArrayAsTable(True) that causes the data to be transported as a table i.e. the headings are placed once only in the beginning of the file and then only data is copied in the next lines in the file. If you want to repeat the headings for each line, remove this call. Similarly, while converting JSON to CSV Python code can use this JsonLayoutOptions class to decide about converting the numeric and date data into appropriate format and type, completely remove the headings row, set title style, and a lot of other options as well.

This article has taught us how to convert JSON to CSV in Python however if you want to save the output workbook to some other format like PDF, refer to the article on how to convert Excel to PDF using Python.