How to Convert Excel To HTML using Python

This step-by-step topic entails about how to convert Excel to HTML using Python. In order to convert XLSX to HTML Python based application can be developed either in Windows, macOS or Linux based environments installed with Python and JDK. We will be sharing the required pre-requisite steps that you will need to perform before using this example in your environment.

Steps to Convert Excel to HTML using Python

  1. Configure Python3 and Aspose.Cells for Python by following the guidelines
  2. Create the Workbook object to load the source Excel file for conversion to HTML
  3. Use HtmlSaveOptions class instance to set the properties for desired HTML
  4. Set the columns width for Excel sheet according to the contents for output HTML
  5. To export Excel to HTML Python Save method is used and saving HTML on disk

By using the above steps in Python convert Excel to HTML file is easily achieved in few API calls. But prior to that, you need to set up the environment which involve setting up JDK and installing Python3 on your machine. Then with the help of PIP commands, you will configure Aspose.Cells and JPype1 APIs on your machine. In order to convert Excel to HTML Python code using Workbook class will load the source XLSX file and save that as HTML.

Code to Convert Excel To HTML Using Python

When in Python Excel to HTML conversion is intended, you will import required namespaces and give a call jpype.startJVM() in your application. You will then load the XLSX file and by using HtmlSaveOptions set different properties of desired HTML including encoding, images export and excel grid lines export in desired HTML. Finally, the loaded Excel file will be saved as HTML on disk. You will need to shutdown the JDK for your program by giving a call to jpype.shutdownJVM().

In this example, we observed that in order to convert Excel to HTML with formatting Python based simple application can be used. If you are inclined towards saving Excel file as PDF using Python, refer to the article on how to convert Excel to PDF using Python.