How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel Based On Cell Value using Python

This short tutorial guides on how to apply conditional formatting in Excel based on cell value using Python. It has the details to set the development environment using the resources at the given link, a list of steps describing the logic, and a runnable sample code to conditional formatting based on text using Python. You will also learn different types of conditions and other customizations while working with this sample code.

Steps to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel using Python

  1. Set the environment to use Aspose.Cells for Python via Java via Java to format cells
  2. Create a Workbook and access the first worksheet where conditional formatting is to be done
  3. Create a conditional formatting instance in the selected sheet and get its access
  4. Create a cell range where this condition is to be applied and set it to the formatting object
  5. Add condition for the conditional formatting object by setting the FormatConditionType and range
  6. Set the background color for the individual condition and save the resultant workbook

These steps define the process to add conditional formatting in Excel using Python. The process is commenced by creating a workbook, accessing a worksheet from it, and creating empty conditional formatting. In the subsequent steps, different parameters are set for the conditional formatting like cell area, the condition to be checked, and formatting to be performed when the condition is met.

Code to Apply Conditional Formatting using Python

This sample code demonstrates the process to apply conditional formatting in Excel based on cell value using Python. It demonstrates the formatting based on a range of values set by the user. However, you may use other format condition types like EXPRESSION, COLOR_SCALE, DATA_BAR, and CONTAINS_TEXT to list a few. Similarly, other operator types can be EQUAL, GREATER_THAN, GREATER_OR_EQUAL, and NOT_BETWEEN, etc.

This tutorial has taught us to set conditional formatting in spreadsheet using Python. If you want to apply filters in Excel, refer to the article on how to apply filter in Excel using Python.