How to Add Data Validation in Excel using Python

This tutorial instructs on how to add data validation in Excel using Python. You will get information to write the application through a list of steps, a resource to set the environment, and a runnable sample code to create data validation rule in Excel using Python. All the necessary API methods and properties are used to clarify the process however this is a complete running code that can be used in your application.

Steps to Insert Data Validation in Excel using Python

  1. Set the environment to use Aspose.Cells for Python via Java insert dropdown
  2. Create a Workbook, add two sheets, and access the second sheet to add a reference range
  3. Add the list of values in the reference range
  4. Create a cell area and use it to generate a validation
  5. Set different properties of the validation like type, formula, alert style
  6. Save the workbook having dropdown boxes in the cell area

These steps offer a brief summary of the process to implement data validation in Excel using Python. This process requires the definition of the reference range of values that are to be used in the drop down list. On the main sheet where this validation is to be used, a cell area is to be defined and then a validation object is to be generated using this cell area, and added to the collection of validations in the selected worksheet.

Code to Create Drop Down Selection in Excel using Python

This code provides a demonstration of the process to add drop down in Excel using Python. It uses Cells.createRange() method to add a reference range, setName() method to set the name of the reference range that is linked with the validation using the setFormula1() method. The validation is created using the cell area and multiple properties are set including validation type, operator type, flag to show error, error title, and error message.

This article has provided us with knowledge on how to create data validation in Excel using Python. If you want to learn the process to apply filters in Excel, refer to the article on how to apply filter in Excel using Python.