Add Code in Excel VBA Library using Python

This quick guide explains the process to add code in Excel VBA library using Python. It has details to set the IDE for development, a list of steps defining the programming tasks, and a sample code demonstrating how to Excel macro library using Python. You will learn to access the VBA library and add modules/codes as per the requirements.

Steps to Add Excel VBA Source Code Library using Python

  1. Set the IDE to use Aspose.Cells for Python via Java to update the VBA library
  2. Create a Workbook object, access a sheet and add a new module
  3. Access the newly created module using the returned index while creating the module
  4. Set the name of the module
  5. Set code for the module
  6. Save the resultant Excel file as XLSM

These steps summarize the process to access VBA code library using Python and adding modules. Commence the process by creating or loading a workbook, selecting a worksheet, and adding a module and code to the VBA project. Finally, set the name and codes in the newly created module and save the XLSM file on the disk.

Code to Update VBA Code Library using Python

This sample code demonstrates the process to add a module with code in the Excel VBA code library using Python. This sample VBA code changes the background color of each cell to green when you enter an even number in the cell. You may set the Vba module type to PROCEDURAL, DOCUMENT, CLASS or DESIGNER.

This article has covered the process of adding macro to an Excel file. If you want to unprotect an Excel file, refer to the article on How to unprotect Excel in Python.