How to Filter Data in Excel Table using C#

This topic gives you required details on how to filter data in Excel table using C#. The example code shows that how to add filters in Excel using C# in XLSX file. Moreover, you can create dynamic filter in Excel spreadsheet using C# in a few easy steps.

Steps to Filter Data in Excel Table using C#

  1. Obtain Aspose.Cells for .NET package from
  2. Import Aspose.Cells namespace to the project
  3. Instantiate and set License object with SetLicense method
  4. Create a Workbook from the scratch
  5. Insert data to the first worksheet in the workbook
  6. Set AutoFilter range and add custom filtering
  7. Save filtered data to XLSX file

Filtering data dynamically means to show those records only that would cover certain criteria. If you want to get records for specific fruit (Grapes in this case) only, this example demonstrates Excel’s autofilter feature and helps you understand how to apply custom filter in Excel in C#.

Sample Code to Filter Data in Excel Table using C#

The code segment (above) instantiates a blank Workbook and then inserts data into a range of cells in the first worksheet. The C# code sets Excel auto filter range; it does add or apply custom filter in excel spreadsheet. Lastly, it saves filtered data to XLSX file on the disk. You might also be interested in how to create Excel Pie chart in C# topic.