How to Convert JSON to CSV in C#

This basic tutorial will guide you on how to convert JSON to CSV in C#. JSON data is commonly used for making the data compatible with different applications for transferring data and information. To convert JSON to CSV C# is a common language that is also used in this tutorial.

Steps to Convert JSON to CSV in C#

  1. Using the NuGet package manager, add Aspose.Cells library to convert JSON to CSV
  2. Create an empty Workbook object to hold the converted CSV data
  3. Access the cells collection from the first worksheet
  4. Create JsonLayoutOptions class object and configure the desired properties
  5. Call the ImportData method while passing the path and other required parameters
  6. Save output CSV file

These simple steps explain how simple it is to convert JSON to CSV in C# where you can load the input file containing the JSON data and then save the workbook as CSV after importing JSON data to it. The JsonUtility class contains the ImportData function that transfers data from the JSON file to the cells collection in the worksheet. This conversion is performed quickly while consuming little memory and CPU resources.

Code to Convert JSON to CSV in C#

In this code snippet, the path to input JSON file is specified and different JsonLayoutOptions properties are set to control the conversion process. For example, you can set properties related to array title, object title, number formats conversion, etc. to get the required output CSV file. ImportData method is then invoked which performs the conversion of JSON file.

This simple tutorial has elaborated how using C# convert JSON to CSV. If you are interested to learn the CSV to Excel conversion, refer to the article on how to convert CSV file to Excel in C#.