How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel in C#

This informative guide presents how to apply conditional formatting in Excel in C#. It contains the set of programming tasks to be accomplished while writing this application along with a sample code to add conditional formatting in Excel in C#. You will also learn the process to add multiple conditions with different formatting as per the application requirements.

Steps to Add Conditional Formatting in MS Excel in C#

  1. Set the environment to use Aspose.Cells for .NET to apply conditional formatting
  2. Create an empty workbook and access its first default worksheet
  3. Create a conditional formatting collection object and access its reference
  4. Create a cell area and add it to the conditional formatting collection object
  5. Create a format condition, set its required parameters, and add it to the above-mentioned collection
  6. Set the desired formatting for the newly created condition
  7. Save the output Excel file after adding the conditional formatting

These steps summarize the process to set conditional formatting in spreadsheet in C#. The process is commenced by creating a workbook, accessing its first worksheet, and adding a Conditional formatting object to the ConditionalFormattings collection of the selected sheet. In the next steps, cell area is defined for this conditional formatting collection object followed by creating a condition and settings its formatting style before saving the resultant Excel file.

Code to Create Conditional Formatting in Excel in C#

This sample code demonstrates the implementation of conditional formatting in Excel based on cell value in C#. You may add as many conditions as required by repeating the steps to add a condition using the AddCondition() method and then setting the desired formatting for it. This code creates an Excel file, where the cells in the custom cell area turn to red automatically once the value of the cell is set between 25 to 100.

This sample tutorial has taught us to apply Excel conditional formatting based on cell value in C#. If you want to learn the process to insert a slicer in a workbook, refer to the article on how to insert a slicer in Excel using C#.