Autofit Rows and Columns in Excel using C#

This article covers how to auto fit Excel using C#. It discusses the IDE configuration, a series of steps, and a code snippet to auto fit in Excel using C#. We will also learn to autofit a specific row or a column in the Excel worksheet.

Steps to Autofit Rows and Columns in Excel using C#

  1. Prepare the IDE to use Aspose.Cells for .NET to autofit rows and columns
  2. Load the input file with the Workbook class
  3. Access any sheet using the worksheet class object with its index or name
  4. Autofit the rows and columns
  5. Export the output workbook with the Save method

These steps summarize how to auto size cells in Excel using C#. You need to access the specific sheet using the zero-based index or by specifying the worksheet name. Subsequently, autofit the rows and columns before exporting the output Excel file.

Code to Autofit Rows and Columns in Excel using C#

This sample code presents the simple process to autofit Excel columns using C#. Likewise, it resizes the row height to adjust the cell contents within a cell. However, you can also work with overload methods like AutoFitRow(index), AutoFitColumn(index) where the row and column indexes are zero-based numbers to process a specific row or column based on your requirements.

This article has elaborated on autofit rows using C#. To wrap text on the cell level, read the article on how to wrap text in Excel using C#.