How to Merge Cells in Excel using Java

This simple tutorial elaborates all the details about the process to merge cells in Excel using Java. You can save the output file in XLSX or XLS format. Likewise, you can also load a template file for merging its cells. Here you will learn the step-by-step guide about how using Java, Excel merge cells operation can be performed programmatically with simple API calls.

Steps to Merge Cells in Excel using Java

  1. For merging cells in Excel, add the reference to Aspose.Cells library from Maven repository
  2. Create a new blank Excel file using the Workbook object
  3. Get access to the first worksheet and create a Cells class object
  4. Merge cells and enter a sample value in the cell
  5. Save the output Excel file with merged cells

The steps above are precisely explaining the process of how using Java, Excel cell merge feature can be embedded in your applications. You can easily create a new worksheet object for merging cells and specify the cells range using numeric values of row and column index. Finally, insert a sample value and write the output file as per your requirements.

Code to Merge Cells in Excel using Java

For working with this feature of merging cells in an Excel file, you need to initialize a Workbook class object as the first step. Then proceed to access cells and specify their row and column index using the merge method. In the end, call the save method to save the output file. This is how using Java, merge cells in Excel operation can be completed efficiently and easily.

This concise tutorial has explained how to merge cells in Excel using Java. However, if you want to learn Excel to an HTML conversion, refer to the article on how to convert Excel to HTML in Java.