How to Remove Formula from Excel File in C++

In this example, we will focus on how to remove formula from Excel file in C++. By using C++, you can reset the formula from any cell of the Excel worksheet programmatically. By using few API calls, you can manage the Excel Worksheet cells formulas in C++ for both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

Steps to Remove Formula from Excel File in C++

  1. Add Aspose.Cells.Cpp package with NuGet package Manager
  2. Add the reference to Aspose::Cells namespace
  3. Initialize the Workbook Class object to load Excel file for removing formula
  4. Access the cell C1 inside the worksheet
  5. Reset the formula value for selected cell
  6. Save the output excel file after removing formula in C++

In example below, you will learn how to access the workbook and remove formula from Excel file in C++ simply by using a few API calls. Using C++, you can manipulate Excel cells programmatically like accessing any worksheet by its index, or worksheet name and then removing any formula in a cell without affecting other content of the workbook.

Code to Remove Formula from Excel Worksheet Cell in C++

You can remove formula from Excel file without changing other content of the file. You do not need to install or use Microsoft Excel to achieve this requirement. In previous example, we explored How to Edit Excel File in C++ and that contain the example for setting formula in Excel file.