How to Convert Excel to HTML in C++

This quick tutorial guides to convert Excel to HTML in C++ by following the simple steps and using a runnable C++ code. You will load the input XLSX file using a Workbook class object and set different properties for the HTML file to get the required output. You can easily embed the feature to export Excel to HTML in C++ within your application using a few API calls.

Steps to Convert Excel to HTML in C++

  1. Add Aspose.Cells.Cpp reference to your application with the NuGet Package Manager tool
  2. Load the input Excel file with the Workbook class object for converting in C++
  3. Create and Initialize IHtmlSaveOptions class object to set properties for the output HTML page
  4. Configure the encoding, images, and gridlines settings for output HTML
  5. Save the workbook in HTML format with specified settings

These basic steps elaborate the complete process to change Excel to HTML in C++. You may load the input XLSX or XLS file, specify the properties for the required output HTML page, and in the final step, write the output file to the disk or a stream as per your requirements. This feature can be helpful in scenarios like when you need to render information from an Excel file in a web application.

Code to Change Excel to HTML in C++

This code loads the source Excel file using the IWorkbook class however it supports creating a workbook from scratch, as well as loading a template file to perform the conversion. Then we set different properties for the output HTML file using the IHtmlSaveOptions class instance and write the output HTML page with the Save method. Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that we have set a few properties of the output file in this example but you can set many other properties as well to customize the output HTML file.

In this article, we have learned how to create an Excel file to HTML converter in C++ with a few lines of code. However, if you need to convert Excel to SVG in C++, refer to the article on how to convert Excel to SVG in C++.