How to Convert DWF to PDF in Java

This article provides a detailed description of how to convert DWF to PDF in Java. It contains the configuration resources that are required to use this library and the stepwise approach that can be followed to write this software. This conversion of DWF file to PDF in Java is a matter of a few lines of code that can be executed in any of the environments supporting the Java platform and offers a number of customization for this process as well.

Steps to Convert DWF File to PDF in Java

  1. Establish the environment to use Aspose.CAD library from the Maven repository
  2. Load the source DWF file using the Image class object
  3. Create an object of CadRasterizationOptions class object to set rasterization options
  4. Set the page width and height
  5. Declare and initialize a PdfOptions object to use the rasterization settings while creating the PDF
  6. Save the image using the PdfOptions object

These steps guide to exporting DWF to PDF in Java by providing the configuration details and then a sequence of steps where first the source DWF file is loaded into the Image class object. In the next step, we create a CadRasterizationOptions object that can be used to set different properties for the rasterization process. Once the options are customized like the page height and width are set, it is used in the PdfOptions class object that is used during the actual conversion step.

Code to Convert DWF to PDF in Java

This sample code that transforms the source file from DWF to PDF in Java uses CadRasterizationOptions that is used to customize the rasterization process like the page dimensions are set here however you may set zoom level, set the fonts path that is to be used during the conversion, set scale method, layout, and layers to list a very few. Another important object that is used during the conversion is PdfOptions that not only sets the CadRasterizationOptions object as one of the properties but it also contains parameters like user watermark text, watermark color, and time-out for the conversion, rotation, resolution settings, and a lot of others.

This article has taught us to write DWF to PDF converter software in Java. If you are interested in learning the process to convert DWG to JPG, refer to the article on how to convert DWG to JPG using Java.